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Clubes asociados en la República Mexicana.

Información para socios nuevos y socios actuales

Calendario de eventos

y Galería de Imágenes

Diplomado en restauración, re diseñado para continuar.

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50 Años de Fundación

1500 socios

Reconocimientos Internacionales 

Dos Destacados Premios

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Membership certificate 2022 - Mexico_page-0001 (1).jpg


The FIVA Culture Commission selected your excellent submission as the winner of the Dedicated Service category.

Clearly your submission showed Alberto Lenz Krahl displayed exceptional lifetime
commitment and dedication to our movement. Including the very challenging tasks of
leading on the creation of the legal framework and relationships with the Mexican
authorities. His purpose in creating a cultural heritage and a historic legacy of vintage
automobiles for current and future generations, fully aligns with FIVA’s global objectives.


Kindest Regards,

FIVA Culture Commission

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